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MarketAxess Introduces Private Axes™ for Anonymous Block Trading in Bonds

MarketAxess Adds Asian Bond Trading to Platform

Dark Pool Warning Sounded by ECB as Europe Weighs New Rules

Forces of Erosion Are Reshaping Fixed Income

Forces such as regulation, capital adequacy requirements, business model pivoting and shareholder demands are threatening the traditional foundation of the OTC fixed income markets. The prevailing models of principal risk intermediation and immediacy are beginning to crack. And the RFQ trading protocol, dependent on both, is unlikely to emerge unscathed.

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EBS BrokerTec Acquires FX Trading Provider Molten Markets

Stavangar adopts Bloomberg Bond Auction System

EBS BrokerTec launches governement bonds data product

Johannesburg Exchange selects MillenniumIT trading solution

ICAP Global Broking Launches First Matching Session In South African Rand Government Bonds

Thomson Reuters to expand access to Canadian bond market