OTC Crypto Dark Pools CryptoTrading

OTC Crypto Dark Pools

https://cyberian.digital/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Cyberian_Off_Exchange_Liquidity_Final.pdf Despite their expanding popularity for both crypto and equities, there is a trade-off that comes with using off-exchanges which investors must consider. The lack of transparency that is associated with these private platforms is often cited as a potential problem because it is perceived to affect the ability to get the best price. In his bestseller “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” author Michael Lewis lays out some of the predatory tactics used by HFTs to front-run large block trades performed in off-exchanges.
Palantir to Help Integrate Army Data Under Other Transaction Agreement ArtificialIntelligence

Palantir to Help Integrate Army Data Under Other Transaction Agreement

https://www.govconwire.com/2019/12/palantir-to-help-integrate-army-data-under-other-transaction-agreement/ GovCon Wire - “The problem for Army’s leaders and commanders at every level is you’re trying to make decisions off of accurate data but the data is stored in so many places, it’s often very hard to figure out what’s going on,” said Doug Philippone, lead of global defense at Palantir. “What we did was integrate thousands and thousands of different data tables together so that you can make better decisions.”
State Street launches digital asset pilot with Winklevoss-led Gemini Trust BackOffice

State Street launches digital asset pilot with Winklevoss-led Gemini Trust

https://bankinnovation.net/allposts/innovation/blockchain/state-street-launches-digital-asset-pilot-with-winklevoss-led-gemini-trust/ Suman Bhattacharyya - Bank Innovation "Traditional investors will more seamlessly be able to allocate capital in their portfolio to digital assets through trusted and regulated financial institutions — helping us build a better bridge the future of money,” said Winklevoss, in a statement."
What is Liquidity? BuySide

What is Liquidity?

https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/what-is-liquidity-2019-12-12 Phil Mackintosh "There is an entire industry dedicated to collecting and computing trading costs. The data overwhelmingly show that transaction costs are falling, and that U.S. costs are the lowest in the world." Article originally seen by BizTT editor on Tabb
Are Crypto Miners the Modern Hedgers? CryptoTrading

Are Crypto Miners the Modern Hedgers?

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/are-crypto-miners-the-modern-hedgers/ Thomas Chippas ErisX - "Miners, similar to traditional hedgers, are foundational elements of a well-functioning capital, commodity and commercial market. The act of mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve mathematical puzzles to produce digital assets such as bitcoin or Ether. Miners are rewarded with the respected coin and are similar to traditional hedgers in that they are looking to offset the market risk of their production related to price volatility and offsetting counterparties. This is a nearly identical use case to a traditional physical commodities producer that uses futures contracts to lock a price at the present for the future sale of the commodity. The producer foregoes the potential upside if the commodity increases in price beyond the settlement price of the futures contract but is also protected on the downside if the price falls."
Due Diligence 2.O: How Vendor Risk Assessment Will Evolve Automation

Due Diligence 2.O: How Vendor Risk Assessment Will Evolve

https://www.finextra.com/blogposting/18200/due-diligence-2o-how-vendor-risk-assessment-will-evolve Alex Golbin IHS Markit - "Due diligence transformed ... Redesigning due diligence with control objectives makes the process more logical and the outcomes more applicable to assessing and managing third-party risk. ... Notably, the process is more efficient for financial institutions and vendors alike, time to market is faster for firms making risk-based decisions, and firms can have much more confidence that their assessment and monitoring procedures produce actionable insight. ... All of these combine to improve the overall risk posture of the industry. ... It will be a journey, but the faster we start, the better off we will be."