OTC Crypto Dark Pools CryptoTrading

OTC Crypto Dark Pools

https://cyberian.digital/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Cyberian_Off_Exchange_Liquidity_Final.pdf Despite their expanding popularity for both crypto and equities, there is a trade-off that comes with using off-exchanges which investors must consider. The lack of transparency that is associated with these private platforms is often cited as a potential problem because it is perceived to affect the ability to get the best price. In his bestseller “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” author Michael Lewis lays out some of the predatory tactics used by HFTs to front-run large block trades performed in off-exchanges.
MSCI urges investors to consider ESG in decisions BuySide

MSCI urges investors to consider ESG in decisions

https://seekingalpha.com/news/3533108-msci-urges-investors-to-consider-esg-in-decisions?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=feed_news_all Liz Kiesche, SA News Editor - "Portfolio managers should integrate ESG in portfolio management, including security selection, portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution, and client reporting." MSCI Website MSCI Principle's Of Sustainable Investing
Trend Analytics – The New Pre-Trade Data

Trend Analytics – The New Pre-Trade

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/trend-analytics-the-new-pre-trade/ Michael Mollemans TABB Group - " “Traditional approaches are not fit for purpose in today's markets,” said Dr. Darko Matovski, CEO of causaLens. “Using technology that autonomously adapts to dynamic changes and embeds causality is the only way to discover alpha in execution.” " Also see: The IEX D-Limit Proposal: It’s Good…But What If It’s TOO Good?
Redefining the US Consolidated Tape Data

Redefining the US Consolidated Tape

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/redefining-the-us-consolidated-tape/ Larry Tabb TABB Group - "with a new governance structure, a new and better consolidated tape could tackle some major issues: ... Reducing the latency associated with how data is aggregated, normalized, and redistributed. ... Increase the depth-of-book levels incorporated in the consolidated tape ... Fix or revise the professional versus non-professional definitions that determine how much a firm needs to pay the SIP per user. ... Putting odd-lot quotes into the consolidated quote. "
SEC Proposes Amendments to Governance of Market Data Plans Data

SEC Proposes Amendments to Governance of Market Data Plans

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/sec-proposes-amendments-to-governance-of-market-data-plans/ Steven Lofchie, Cadwalader - "Under the proposed Order, market participants would be required to submit a "single, new equity data plan" (aka: the "New Consolidated Data Plan") in which all of the exchanges would participate. A governance committee for the new plan would be formed. One-third of the votes would be held by entities other than the exchanges." ... "Having one market system plan rather than three is not going to change the reality that the exchanges and the broker-dealers have interests that are fundamentally averse to one another: Each wants to "own" as much data (intellectual property) as possible, give away as little data as possible, and either charge as much as possible or pay as little as possible."
SEF Trading Stumbles to End the Year BuySide

SEF Trading Stumbles to End the Year

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/sef-trading-stumbles-to-end-the-year/ Colby Jenkins TABB Group - "Taking all of this into account, 2019 was nonetheless an up year for SEF trading (Exhibit 4, below). Compared to total notional volume traded two years ago, notional SEF activity has grown by just under 40%, or roughly $58.15 trillion, since 2017 – primarily driven by the IRD market. With a significant slowdown in IRD SEF trading over the past quarter, though, 2020 is already shaping up to be a year of further departure from the SEF market status-quo."
From too Big to Fail, to too Large to Survive Automation

From too Big to Fail, to too Large to Survive

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/from-too-big-to-fail-to-too-large-to-survive/ Larry Tabb TABB Group - "The trading business is being captured by electronic market makers/liquidity providers, and the short-term risk transfer business is being poached by shorter-term quantitative and specialized hedge funds." ... "If the business isn’t shuttered, it becomes almost impossible to rip out the core processing systems, order management platforms, algorithmic infrastructures, reporting lines and business planning processes to achieve the cost structure and agility needed to succeed. Unfortunately, for most firms, that is what is needed."
The Strange Economics of Exchange Management Data

The Strange Economics of Exchange Management

https://tabbforum.com/opinions/the-strange-economics-of-exchange-management/ Kurt Dew Northeastern University - "The markets are evolving toward a two trading-space system. The first: exchanges trading SEC-regulated publicly held corporate equity and debt; the second: exchanges trading more generic non-SEC-regulated markets." ... "There is a growing opportunity for a new blockbuster exchange to seize the volume going to generic futures and OTC instruments by a single exchange with spot trading capability. But to be successful, this spot market must be at least as efficient as the existing futures markets, reducing trading costs to a minimum, thereby attracting volume."
MSCI: ESG Related Business Data

MSCI: ESG Related Business

https://seekingalpha.com/article/4314747-msci-esg-related-business-can-take-stock-price-to-new-all-time-highs?source=feed_all_articles [Editors Note: Read between the lines of investment advice for the trend] Bridger Research - "MSCI is the sole leader with the most technically advanced products in the ESG related portfolio construction and analytics market"
Palantir to Help Integrate Army Data Under Other Transaction Agreement ArtificialIntelligence

Palantir to Help Integrate Army Data Under Other Transaction Agreement

https://www.govconwire.com/2019/12/palantir-to-help-integrate-army-data-under-other-transaction-agreement/ GovCon Wire - “The problem for Army’s leaders and commanders at every level is you’re trying to make decisions off of accurate data but the data is stored in so many places, it’s often very hard to figure out what’s going on,” said Doug Philippone, lead of global defense at Palantir. “What we did was integrate thousands and thousands of different data tables together so that you can make better decisions.”