Bonds: Bot vs Trader Automation

Bonds: Bot vs Trader

“Many ... corporate bond trading platforms ... have been successful by providing ... solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ... dealer-focused (RFQ) trading protocol, with the understanding that the role of dealers as intermediaries is here to stay.”
Struggling Asset Manager’s Increasingly Resort to Alternative Data BuySide

Struggling Asset Manager’s Increasingly Resort to Alternative Data RavenPack- "Other findings from the survey showed alternative data use had increased from the previous year, and that 64% of asset managers were using multiple sources, with 20% using more than 10 data sources. ... In terms of application, the most common approach - with 42% saying they adopted it - was to incorporate the data into ‘supervised algorithms’ where the final decision was discretionary. ... 22% of respondents used the data in a “semi-supervised” fashion, whilst “reinforcement and deep learning are each utilized by 19% of surveyed managers”, said the survey."
OTC Crypto Dark Pools CryptoTrading

OTC Crypto Dark Pools Despite their expanding popularity for both crypto and equities, there is a trade-off that comes with using off-exchanges which investors must consider. The lack of transparency that is associated with these private platforms is often cited as a potential problem because it is perceived to affect the ability to get the best price. In his bestseller “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” author Michael Lewis lays out some of the predatory tactics used by HFTs to front-run large block trades performed in off-exchanges.
MSCI urges investors to consider ESG in decisions BuySide

MSCI urges investors to consider ESG in decisions Liz Kiesche, SA News Editor - "Portfolio managers should integrate ESG in portfolio management, including security selection, portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution, and client reporting." MSCI Website MSCI Principle's Of Sustainable Investing
Trend Analytics – The New Pre-Trade Data

Trend Analytics – The New Pre-Trade Michael Mollemans TABB Group - " “Traditional approaches are not fit for purpose in today's markets,” said Dr. Darko Matovski, CEO of causaLens. “Using technology that autonomously adapts to dynamic changes and embeds causality is the only way to discover alpha in execution.” " Also see: The IEX D-Limit Proposal: It’s Good…But What If It’s TOO Good?